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Half magic tutorials, half documentary, all parts awesome. Join Bizau Cristian and Zach Mueller as they travel across Europe, jam and collaborate with new magicians, cardists, friends and learn all their best tricks along the way. The project includes:

  • 19 of Biz and Zach's best effects, flourishes and sleights.
  • A full length documentary film following Biz + Zach's jams, new friends, and adventures across 5 cities in Europe.
  • Over 30 total tricks and flourishes from magicians and cardists we meet across the journey.

Hello! This is Zach, here. I am here to pimp to you my movie. Yes, a real, actual movie! For the past year I have been editing my own movie. I am finally finished, and I am very proud of it.

This is a feature-length documentary. The only of it's kind. It follows myself and my friend Biz across 5 cities in Europe. In every city, we held a big, free, jam session. We met the coolest new friends, learned new tricks, taught our own, and had the best three weeks of our life. 

From London, to Paris, to Amsterdam, to Copenhagen, to Gothengurg, to Stockholm, and finally back to London again. And it's all here. We've poured every ounce of ourselves into this, and the result is something we're really happy with. 

You watch the movie uninterrupted by explanations - you just sit back and enjoy the journey. The performances for every effect is right there in the documentary, so once the movie is over, you can devour all the explanations for all the cool stuff that blew your mind.

This project has been my little baby for the past year, and sincerely, I can't wait for you to see this movie. Enjoy :)

Biz x Zach take EUROPE! // Runtime: 1hr 57mins

Explanations Runtime: 3 hours.