Welcome to bombastic. Over the hour of this download, you'll learn two different controls - one to the top, and one to the bottom. These controls are not easy. They are a huge challenge. But they are insanely fun.

Shot completely in full HD, with two camera angles with over-the-shoulder teaching and tons of tips and tricks, the download leaves no stone uncovered.

I've been doing these two controls for the past few years, and after making this download, I came up with an even BETTER method to control the selected card to the bottom. I was done filming at this point. But I filmed some more. And added it to the download.

So, I suppose that's actually THREE controls in one download. I don't know if that's the deal of the century, or if you're just crazy that you haven't added this to your cart yet.

BOMBASTIC is challenging, a little awkward, convoluted, some might even call it silly - but for the card nerds out there looking for a fun new move to practice, a new tool to collect, or just to expand your horizons in card controlling - BOMBASTIC is for you.

Enjoy ;)