Every so often, we will add a featured a video from the community to our WATCH section, not made or produced by Fontaine Cards, but that we dig and feel are worth your attention.

This video is one month compressed down to 11 minutes, during Tobias and Oliver's stay at my house in LA in March 2014. It was an amazing experience to hang out with two of my favorite cardists for a whole month, who soon became some of my best friends. We filmed, we jammed, we partied, we ordered 20 pizzas, we went to Supreme, and we helped form the first ever Cardistry-Con, after Magic-Con. It was an awesome rollercoaster of events, and this video is just a small taste of the fun that was had. 

For more Tobias and Oliver, check out htttp://www.dealersgrip.com

Video: Los Angeles 2014

Filmed by: Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard

Edited by: Tobias Levin

Featuring: Tobias Levin, Oliver Sogard, Zach Mueller, Chase Duncan, Franky Morales, Derek McKee, Calen Morelli, Hector Garcia, Franco Pascali, and more.

Music by: woolcoin