Enter Splicer.

In this download you will learn two uniquely visual color changes, and a blank deck routine that utilizes them both seamlessly.

Steinman // With a wave of your hand over the deck, a card changes entirely. It looks utterly impossible, and you may accused of witchcraft. Two versions are taught - one quick and eye-popping, and the other slow and mind-melting.

Suchong // A card is twirled between the fingers with a flourish, and midst rotating around the fingers the card changes with flare. Following it's transformation, the card aligns with the pack and the entire deck changes color.

Splicer // A blank deck routine with enough flare and visuals to send MC Escher into a seizure. Seamlessly blending both Steinman and Suchong, a deck is slickly turned blank on both sides, only the return back to it's original state of inkness with a wave of the hand.

Each effect contains countless tips, subtleties, variations, additional ideas, bonus convincers and more.

Two beautiful color changes, a routine that blends them together and enough extras along the way to make you question your own existence.

55 minutes of detailed, HD explanation, with ample puns, bad jokes and wittcisms along the way.

This is Splicer. Enjoy :)