Looking for a practical, go-to, real-world color change? This download is not for you. I'd recommend checking out the classic erdnase.

This download is for the flourish move-monkeys like myself - who love learning weird, knacky, knuclebusting moves. Whether that's to practice something new, master a difficult sleight, expand your skill set, or just want three changes that are freakin' fun to play with in front of a mirror.

This is Thricycle.

Within thricycle, you'll learn three hyper-visual, fun, and complicated color changes that are equally as fun to mess with in the mirror as they are to learn. With 1 hour of detailed, in depth explanation, discussion and rants, I cover every little detail. Shot in full HD, with multiple performances, history and more.

Bottom line is - these changes are weird. They are knacky. They are difficult. They are near impossible to nail in front of a real audience. But they are fun. I hope you'll enjoy messing around with these as much as I do :)